About Me

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My life started off, with me struggling through school. I didn’t try very hard because I had no target in mind. I never knew what I wanted. Why would this motivate me to put in the hard yards during my schooling?! My parents got divorced when I was in Primary School. That also was extremely difficult for me to go through. I was then expected to try and focus on my studies at the same time. Not long after finishing schooling, I guess, I could be deemed as technically having a gambling addiction. I overcame with effort in time. I lost my best friend to suicide. I nearly died being “king hit” by a stranger. I lost my amazing mum to cancer. My little sister has battled a mental illness for 20 years now.
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I tell you these things so you know that my life hasn’t been a “walk in the park”. Which is often assumed when people see what I have now or hear what I have done.

So why coaching and counselling? For 20 years I’ve been obsessed with trying to understand what has made successful people successful. I want to know what makes happy people happy. And vice versa. The number of books I’ve read and the collection I have gathered is impressive. Even if I do say so myself! In 2019/20, to further my knowledge, I formally studied counselling. I found this an amazing experience! I think this is an extremely important service to provide as everyone has battles in their life.

Often, people like you might not have someone you can talk to about it. People can be “embarrassed”. We might not want to bother someone else with our problems. We just might not feel comfortable talking to someone we know.  If I’ve learnt anything in the last few years, it is that talking about things is the best medicine you can get. I do want to make this point as it is very important whether you come to me for coaching or counselling. There will be no judgement. If I feel at any stage, in either area (coaching or counselling) that you see me about, that I feel I’m not the right person for you, then I will let you know this. I feel strongly about not wasting my time and not wasting other people ‘s time too.

Now, where was I? After 10 years of running a hospitality business which now successfully operates without my full-time involvement, I decided to do this? In short because I can! I’m able to spend my days however I want. Yes, I am lucky. But is it luck if you work hard to get something? I personally don’t think so.  I like to start with a surf in the morning and maybe some golf practice in the afternoon. That’s just me. I believe that nearly everyone has the potential to live the lifestyle that they want too. That is what I’m doing. You can too.  I believe that everyone has the potential to live a better life than what they currently live. I want to help people like yourself achieve that.
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I’m not a magician, a professor or the Wizard of Oz. I do not have all the answers. But I do believe that I can help you create a better life for yourself. By taking an in-depth look at such things as your values, beliefs, actions and strategies, I plan to help you get the life you want. If you are serious about improving your life, book a time now for your 20 minute obligation free consultation. That way we can talk about where your life is at and where you want it to be. You can get a better understanding who I am and how I operate too.

If you saw my philosophy on the home page, I strongly believe life is short. So, why delay making your life better? I can assure you I am doing this as its my passion. I believe I can help people and that is amazing feeling!

If you are in the process of choosing a life coach, I can’t wait to hear from you!!