Certified Life Counsellor

I am a certified counsellor based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. While I work with clients here in person, I am also available online to provide counselling on a wide range of issues. My focus is on results, and helping people basically become happier and more satisfied in life. That might mean different things to different people. You will discover what that is to you, and how to achieve it in our counselling sessions.

If you are feeling stuck, alone, confused, depressed, stressed or just need to talk, I can help you find a way forward.

Some of the counselling areas I specialise in, include relationship , addiction and personal counselling (grief, mental wellbeing , depression etc) – I also work with teenagers too.

What Sort Of Counselling Do I Provide?

Approaching each counselling client is different for me. Often, we will begin with where you are at, and what things may be holding you back from where you really want to be in your life. Discussing topics like this can be a big step for many people – and it’s often the most important step.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to talk about your life, your past, your feelings and perhaps what you would like your future to look like.

There are no taboo subjects. I am happy to listen to you about anything you may be going through. I am not here to provide solutions. You have them all within you. However, I am well skilled at helping you find the answers, or solutions you may be looking for. This might be achieved through listening, asking questions, leading you through processes or other techniques to look at the root cause of your blockages or feelings you want to move past.

To speak with an experienced counsellor you can trust, then simply call or email me today.